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Just like Apple

سماعة ايربودز شبيهة أبل

70 SAR

AirPods similar to Apple

Product Contents:

  • charging cable
  • instruction manual
  • the headset

Product Description:

  • Wireless Headset Via Bluetooth (Bluetooth v5.0)
  • Clear call sound
  • Supports Siri Voice Search
  • Operate 10m
  • The GPS headset search feature on iPhones
  • Wireless charging inside the portable case
  • Supports wireless charging of the case
  • Change the name of the connection to the headset
  • Single speaker battery capacity is 60mAh
  • Charging battery capacity 300mAh
  • Charging time 40 minutes
  • A notification window appears to display the battery quantity for the left and right earphones, as well as displaying the remaining battery in the mobile charger for the earphones in iPhone phones
  • Light and comfortable on the ear
  • Automatic connection to devices
  • Possibility of calls for 3-4 hours
  • Control for voice and touch calls
  • Compatible with all mobile phones, laptops and devices that have bluetooth

70 SAR
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