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E13 Smart Watch Similar to Huawei GT2 PRO

Similar to Huawei GT2 PRO

299 SAR

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E13 Smart Watch Similar to Huawei GT2 PRO

Product Description:

  • Supports social applications with full control of notifications according to your choice (WhatsApp-Snapchat-Instagram-Facebook-Messenger-Youtube-Email-Twitter)
  • Supports Arabic language
  • Change the wallpaper, choose photos from the gallery, and control completely in color and the shape of the clock for the home screen through the application
  • Read WhatsApp notifications, text messages and social media programs
  • Support IOS and Android system
  • Charging Capacity 200mAh
  • Screen area 4 cm
  • A call alert appears so that you can only reject the call
  • IP68 . Water Resistant
  • 1.28 inch IPS display system
  • Sleep control and alarm activation
  • Magnetic charging for 2 hours
  • Record your walking steps daily
  • 24 hour heart rate recording
  • Record the heart rate
  • Record the oxygen in the blood
  • sleep recording
  • Record calories 24 hours
  • Record blood pressure 24 hours
  • Caution: Do not work in hot water, as it may affect the efficiency of the watch

To download the watch application, please click on the link below:

299 SAR
One comment

عبدالرحمن عبدالعزيز

5 months ago

مقارنة بالسعر اشوف الساعة تستاهل ، فيها واجهات كثيرة تغير مثل ما تحب وايضاً تقدر تغير الخلفية



5 months ago

رأيكم شهادة ثقة واعتزاز لنا 🥰
نسعى دوماً لتقديم الأفضل فالأفضل لكم
شكراً من القلب 💚
متجر ديتندا

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