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MPOW wired headphones for kids

24 month agent warranty

69 SAR

MPOW wired headphones for kids

Mpow headphones for kids

Hearing protection:

It is characterized by clear voices and isolates very loud noises, and does not reduce the ears of your children, as it provides a very appropriate sound level that inspires your children's interests in the field of study and music. (Note: It does not have a microphone)

Flat foldable design:

Its unique design is foldable and the audio cable is not detachable. In addition, it is lightweight and easy to carry for easy storage in school bags or others.

Selected and durable materials:

Made of healthy materials in order to provide protection for your children, in addition to that the audio cable is braided with nylon that withstands the harsh treatment of children.

Connection speed: Mpow headphones work on all smartphones, tablets, computers and more devices with 3.5mm audio ports.

24 month warranty Agent Please keep the product box

69 SAR
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