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Gift wrap + headphone

Prive Tablet 8 inch Wi-Fi 32 GB and 2 GB RAM

2 years warranty

450 SAR 600 SAR

Remained 4

Prive Tablet 8 inch Wi-Fi 32 GB and 2 GB RAM

The Brave BT8X1 tablet offers 32 GB and an 8-inch screen that is great for lovers of large screens. It is available in two different colors at a very affordable price, buy now.

Specifications of Brave Tablet BT8X1

Brand: brave

Model name: Tablet BT8X1.

Available colours: blue.

Battery capacity: 5100 mAh.

Ram capacity: 2 GB.

Screen size: 8 inches.

Operating system: Android 11.

Features of Brave Tablet BT8X1

Priv tablet features a very special storage space of 32 GB.

The tablet comes with a powerful 5100 mAh battery that can spend the day with you without charging.

The BT8X1 tablet from Brave comes with a great gift, a case and a high-quality headset brand Brave.

The tablet has a beautiful design that gives you a distinctive look.

The tablet features a wonderful 8-inch screen that gives you the best performance and an enjoyable experience.

The tablet is equipped with two distinct cameras, the front camera is 2 mega pixel and the rear camera comes with 5 mega pixel camera.

  • Free wired headphones
  • Free protective case
  • Ready-made composite screen protection on the tablet.
  • Two years agent warranty

450 SAR 600 SAR
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