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Xiaomi Mi 2 Smart Weighing Scale - Bluetooth 5.0 - LED Screen - White

24 month warranty

129 SAR 149 SAR

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Xiaomi Mi 2 Smart Weighing Scale - Bluetooth 5.0 - LED Screen - White

Smart weighing scale with Bluetooth 5.0 and LED screen for Android and iOS devices, the Xiaomi Mi smart scale measures weight and body fat percentage and connects to the Mi Fit smartphone app, which will enable you to see the smallest changes, it will become a smart weighing scale Your fitness companion and inspiration. This scale has been manufactured with precision and strength, as it provides you with complete accuracy up to 100 g. In addition, this device can handle any weight between 5 kg and 150 kg. This scale has an LED display that lights up on its own, Bluetooth technology and a BMI and Mi fit app that makes this scale an everyday essential.

The Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Smart Scale combines advanced weighing technology and a stainless steel pointer to deliver accurate readings very quickly. It can be used to monitor body weight, calculate bone mass, body water, muscle mass, monitor basic metabolism, total body fat, and abdominal and visceral fat levels.


  • Accuracy 100 g
  • Range 5 kg - 150 kg
  • Track your weight + BMI with the Mi Fit app
  • LED display screen with graphics
  • Made with inner strength
  • It lights up by itself
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • LED screen.

24 month warranty Agent Please keep the product box

Download the application:

Google play

App store

129 SAR 149 SAR
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