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15 indicators of your body's health

iStep Digital Smart Scale

24 month agent warranty

159 SAR 199 SAR

iStep Digital Smart Scale

iStep smart scale with the upgraded version, with modern technologies that help you reach the best result for your body, made of high-quality, safer and not easy to break glass, bears up to 180 kg, allows you to measure and track the statistics of vital body components from your home, reads 15 indicators in the body


  • The application allows you to view the progress and save changes on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

  • Full body analysis: 15 indicators to analyze body data, body type, body fat, body weight, bone mass, body water, muscle mass, body mass index, visceral subcutaneous fat, basal metabolic rate, obesity level, fat-free body weight, Protein, standard weight. BMR. heart rate

  • Stay healthy and focused: Once you stand on the scale that can bear up to 180 kg, you will get a complete analysis of your health and fitness which is important for managing diet plans, organizing exercise, gaining weight, losing weight safely or even changing your habits, you can also monitor your child's health Regularly and monitor its growth.

  • Sync with fitness apps: It is designed to record and display analysis of body composition and weight changes, and synchronize data with your smartphone to track your health and weight goals with accuracy, convenience and reliability. The lipid scale can also be connected to your smartphone with iOS or Android system through Bluetooth 4.0. Free app that syncs data with Apple Health and Fitbit.

  • Fast and Accurate Readings: Equipped with four high-sensitivity accurate weighing sensors, allows you to measure objects as small as 100g, automatically calibrates for each person, allowing you to manage the accounts of multiple people even in your home, office or gym for Setting individual or team goals.

  • Unlimited Users: The scale automatically recognizes users' data and stores data via HealthU App, up to 99 users , convenient when each member knows their body measurements and knows exactly what to work on, family can share one scale together.

  • It gives you 15 foreign languages: Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean.

iStep supports multiple device pairings, which means no need to connect and disconnect when changing users.

24 month warranty Agent Please keep the product box

159 SAR 199 SAR
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