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Return and exchange policy

Return and exchange policy

  • If you want to exchange a product (with a warranty) with a defect or a manufacturing defect, the shipping fee will be borne by Ditenda Store.

The customer has the right to return or exchange the products within 3 days from the date of purchase provided that the product is in its original condition (in its original condition: the outer packaging - the device has not been turned on) and the carton with all its accessories, packaging and user manual has not been opened, the customer bears the shipping fees in this case.

  • In the event that the product to be replaced is not available, the customer will be contacted to obtain his permission in case he wants another product.
  • Guaranteed products that have been opened are not exchanged if there is no manufacturing defect in them, noting that the non-exchangeable products are the following:

Anything that violates or deviates from the terms of the warranty in the event that there is a warranty on the product, such as:

  1. Misuse
  2. The opened product is not in its natural state
  3. Failure to follow operating instructions
  4. The product has been exposed to water if it is not waterproof
  5. Do any outside maintenance
  6. The device may completely or partially fail to work if an accessory that is not compatible with the device’s features is used.

  • If the product is examined and it turns out that it is under warranty and has a manufacturing defect and is not misused, the customer will be compensated with a new product and the deTienda store will bear the shipping cost.
  • A bill of lading is sent to the customer, and the customer is expected to deliver the product to the shipping company within 7 days from the date of sending the bill of lading to him. The delivery method for shipping companies is agreed with the customer with the customer service team according to the policy of each city, and the policy is canceled if the customer does not deliver the product to the shipping company within this period.
  • In the event that the customer is compensated with another product, the customer is not entitled to claim any compensation after this, and the store is not responsible for any claim even if the product is under warranty.
  • Important note: The warranty is mentioned on the product page, and if no word of warranty is mentioned on the product, in this case, there is no warranty on the product and the deTienda store is not responsible for any claims.
  • Digital products such as the Falcon subscription and others are not returned or exchanged if they have been activated for the customer.
  • Note: The product image does not have to be the same product in some products.

Security :

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and the purchase invoice must be available to the customer.

  • Defects and damages resulting from misuse, falling and breaking the device, shocks and scratches affecting the external body of the device, bending of the device, burns resulting from the use of non-original accessories or exposure to a source of high heat, or damage to the device as a result of exposure to moisture are excluded from the warranty. Liquids, intentional sabotage, negligence in the periodic updating of the product’s system software, tampering with device serial numbers, deleting operating system files, malfunctions caused by viruses, use of non-genuine applications or software, or attempts to repair at service centers Not approved, or failure to follow the instructions for use in the device manual included inside the device carton.
  • Warranty on all electronic devices for the period shown below (product description) : one or two years from the date of purchase. It is necessary to present the purchase invoice or provide us with the order number, provided that all product accessories, including its box, are present.
  • The store is obligated to provide the replacement device in the same category, and if the replacement device of the same category is not available, it will be upgraded to a higher category, and the customer must pay the difference between the two categories or refund the value of the invoice in cash, taking into account the deduction of the value of scratches and bumps, if any, and the deduction of the value of the accessories if they are not available.
  • Note: The warranty does not include accessories such as covers, stickers and other non-electronic products.


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