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Shipping and delivery policy

Shipping and delivery policy

  • In the event that the customer cannot be reached at the appointed time; deTienda store does not bear any responsibility for delaying the shipment.
  • The store disclaims all responsibility after shipping the order, and in the event of a delay outside the agreed period, the shipping company will be contacted to track the shipment.
  • The store disclaims full responsibility after shipping the order, changing the shipment path by the customer, canceling the order, or placing wrong information by the customer such as (mobile number, email, delivery address, or non-receipt of the shipment by the customer) and in case the shipment is returned to the store By the shipping company for the reasons mentioned, the customer bears the costs of shipping the order back to him.

How long does the request take to reach the customer?

If the shipment is to the city of Dammam - Khobar - Qatif, then we deliver the shipment on the same day or the next day of the order. As for outside the city of Dammam - Khobar - Qatif, we deliver it on the next day from the date of the order, i.e. within 24 hours to the shipping company to reach your city within a day to four days.

How much does it cost to deliver an order?

Multiple options and prices to suit everyone according to the required shipping company

What are the delivery locations?

All cities of Saudi Arabia