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long-term listening

Embo Sport Headset - Black

24 month agent warranty

119 SAR

Remained 3

Embo Sport Headset - Black

Ergonomic design keeps the headphones stable and also ensures more comfort on the ears because it fits the structure of the ear and will make you feel like the headphone is weightless.

Adopt the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Mpow sports headphones provide faster, easier and more stable connection. It also supports dual connection so you can stay connected to two devices at the same time.

Up to 13 hours of music enjoyment. Adopting the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Mpow sports headphones have lower power consumption and provide 13 hours of playing time and 300 hours of standby. A full charge only takes two hours. Besides, you can check the battery status on your phone.

Balanced Hi-Res Sound: Mpow bluetooth headphones feature balanced sound quality with dynamic bass and balanced mids along with clear highs. The earbuds come in 4 sizes and please choose the most suitable one for the best user experience.

IPX7 Sweat-proof and Sports-Proof: With a nano-coating, Mpow 313B can resist sweat, water and rain and is suitable for strenuous workouts and all weather conditions. The Mpow 313B is a perfect companion during jogging, running, yoga, sports, gym time, boating, cycling, traveling, etc.

119 SAR
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